Providing an outstanding on-board experience

Delivering an outstanding customer experience starts with committing to inclusivity for all passengers. The numbers of passengers travelling with reduced mobility is increasing and in order for airlines to assist this type of passenger, an on-board wheelchair is essential. However, not all airlines provide this type of equipment which means that the experience for passengers with reduced mobility, is likely to be limited.  Ultimately this lack of essential equipment can impact an airline’s reputation.

The use of an on board wheelchair, such as the Airchair, enables passengers who need assistance to be transferred to their seat easily and with dignity. With 360-degree swivel castor wheels, the Airchair is easy to manoeuvre inside the confines of an aircraft, providing access to the on-board amenities and vastly improving the experience for passengers who need it.

Assisting cabin crew members to achieve the best level of service is also critical. The Airchair is the industry’s lightest and most robust on board wheelchair and easily fits in the overhead lockers or dog box for storage. Weighing just 6kgs, the Airchair is the most economical option too, enabling airlines to save money on fuel costs in comparison to more cumbersome chairs.

Reform in the airline industry is gaining traction and airlines using an on-board wheelchair, such as the Airchair, are ensuring air travel is a pleasurable experience for everyone.

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