The benefits of the Airchair – The lightweight and folding wheelchair for travel

The Airchair is used by over 100 airlines around the world. Providing a smooth and comfortable wheelchair experience for PRMs whilst travelling. The lightweight transit wheelchair is available in three different widths (14”, 15” and 16”), weighing just 6kgs. One of the main benefits of the wheelchair being so lightweight is that it can be easily stowed in the overhead lockers. This means that the lightweight chair can be quickly, and effortlessly retrieved by cabin crew members.


The Airchair can also carry passengers up to 250kgs (40 stone) and with a retracting backrest. This enables passengers to be easily transferred into their seats, in a dignified manner. Cabin crew members can also get closer to passengers to help transfer them discretely from the Airchair to the aircraft seat or the toilet.

Fuel saving

Lightweight chairs do not just have health and safety benefits. They can also significantly contribute to fuel saving as there will be less weight carried on the plane. This could reduce costs for airlines, both in fuel and in taxes. For example, if an airline replaced 100 transit wheelchairs, weighing approximately 14kgs, each with 100 Airchairs weighing only 6kg each, over a course of one year that airline would save just under 115,000 US Gallons of fuel.

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