As a result of the rapid spread of COVID-19 it is now a priority to keep everything as clean as possible and airlines are having to be fastidious with new cleaning regimes, disinfecting cabins on a regular basis.

Airchair frame finished with anti-microbial coating

Airchair, the lightweight, on-board wheelchair for PRMs, is an ideal addition to any COVID-19 compliant cabin because its frame is finished with Sterilcoat-AM®, an anti-microbial powder coating.  Sterilcoat-AM® prevents the spread of dangerous micro-organisms by significantly reducing microbial activity and suppressing the growth of mould and bacteria. The powder coating provides protection over an extended period of time and retains its anti-microbial properties even after repeated washing or cleaning.  Additionally, Sterilcoat-AM® is very durable, providing superior stain and scratch resistance.

Designed with passenger and crew in mind

Airchair has been designed with both the passenger and cabin crew in mind.  It is lightweight (6kg/13lb) and extremely easy to operate but provides a safe and comfortable experience for the PRM.  With its anti-microbial paint finish, it is ideal for use under the new operating regulations that have had to be implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19.