Airchair visits Germany!

It’s nearly time for the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AiX), the perfect event for some of the aviation industry’s most creative minds to gather in Hamburg, Germany, to share ideas and cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance the passenger experience.

Held between 10-12th April 2018, the Airchair will be on display at AiX (stand: 3UB49), showcasing how the lightweight and easy to manoeuvre transit chair enables the safe and easy movement of passengers with reduced mobility around and aircraft.

AiX: What’s it all about?

Air travel is becoming increasingly more competitive with airlines under pressure to provide an improved experience for all passengers, regardless of their mobility. For airlines striving to achieve this, AiX has become a world leading event with around 18,400 visitors and over 1,000 attendees from a number of different airlines.

Since the year 2000, visitors to AiX can expect to see the latest technologies and products for the cabin, interiors and in-flight entertainment, as well as an educational programme on how to achieve improved passenger comfort. A key focus at the event is how cabin crews can effectively transfer passengers from their aircraft chairs to a wheelchair, or around the aircraft during the flight.

The transit experience received and the quality of the products used on-board have a huge impact on overall customer experience. With its ability to deliver a positive experience for passengers with reduced mobility, the Airchair has now proven to be the transit chair of choice for more than 100 airlines in 40 countries, including Norwegian Air and Virgin Australia.

The perfect fit

Airchair has many qualities that enhance functionality and passenger experience, with comfort and safety being key features in the design process.

The seat and backrest are made from high quality, fire retardant leather, whilst the waist and thigh straps, side restraints and a footrest keep the passenger safe during transit. The powder coat finish also contains an antimicrobial ingredient to ensure the highest level of hygiene. Available in three different widths (14”, 15” and 16”), the Airchair can carry passengers up to 250kgs (40 stone) and the lightweight attributes of the chair contributes to fuel saving.

Other cutting edge features include:

  1. It’s lightweight – it weighs just 6kgs;
  2. The folding back rest – enables the cabin crew or carer to move close to the passenger to assist a safe and smooth transfer of the passenger from one seat to another;
  3. The swivel castors – make manoeuvring in tight spaces easy.

Brian Richards, managing director of Mercury Products and inventor of the transit chair says: “Aircrew particularly like the fact that the Airchair is so lightweight and compact; not only is it easy to move around, but it is easy to stow too. The Airchair is proving popular with both short and long haul airlines around the world because of its quality and the fact that, although it is small and compact, it is incredibly robust.”

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