How the Airchair is flying high against other transit wheelchairs

Why the Airchair is the transit wheelchair of choice With more scrutiny being placed on airlines and airports to offer sufficient facilities for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM), there is a heightened demand for products that not only meet the airline and industry’s strict requirements but, more importantly, offer passengers a safe, comfortable and dignified [...]

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Without a hitch – what to expect when travelling with a wheelchair

Before embarking on a trip that includes air travel, it’s important that wheelchair users consider all the factors that will make their journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This will help PRMs pick the most appropriate airline based on its services, facilities and reviews to ensure a positive flight experience. It’s important to remember [...]

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Reform for air travel passengers

Government announces new charter For persons of reduced mobility (PRMs), air travel is often fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. In recent years the increased ability for people to share their stories has led to a sharp increase in both government and media interest, with reports of issues, such as Frank Gardner the BBC security [...]

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Providing dignified travel everywhere

In recent months there has been an increased pressure for businesses around the world, not just in aviation, to evaluate their processes to ensure they are suitably accommodating PRMs. This has been further demonstrated by the launch this year of Purple Tuesday, which urged high street retailers across the UK to do more to [...]

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Taking personal wheelchairs on-board aircrafts: the big debate

Taking personal wheelchairs on-board aircrafts: the big debate Over the years, there has been an increased awareness of people who live with disabilities and reduced mobility and this has been largely due to a growing number of initiatives and events including the Paralympics, Invictus Games, and the London Marathon. More than ever, growing numbers of [...]

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What’s the difference between Airlines and Airports

What's the difference between Airlines and Airports A smooth transition In 2017, it was estimated that commercial airlines carried nearly four billion passengers, that’s nearly double the number compared to 12-years ago and equivalent to half of the world’s population. As the number of people choosing to travel by aircraft increases, there is mounting pressure [...]

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How can the Airchair help PRMs on an aircraft?

How can the Airchair help PRMs on an aircraft? A dignified journey is everyone’s right and the Airchair could be the solution to improve the passenger experience Each year, more than 2 million passengers with a disability or reduced mobility (PRMs) take flights in and out of the UK.  In 2016, just over half of [...]

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Positive experiences for PRMs

Positive experiences for PRMs The importance of transferring PRMs from one seat to another in a dignified manner. The passenger experience when flying with airlines is becoming an increasingly debated topic, especially the experience received by passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs). A recent BBC News feature detailed the highly traumatic experience of wheelchair user, [...]

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Airchair visits Germany!

Airchair visits Germany! It’s nearly time for the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AiX), the perfect event for some of the aviation industry’s most creative minds to gather in Hamburg, Germany, to share ideas and cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance the passenger experience. Held between 10-12th April 2018, the Airchair will be on display at AiX [...]

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